Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s “Optical Illusion” Dress Looks Like Lingerie

2012-05-02 23:48:01 2012-05-02 23:48:02

Recently, the dress that Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha wore for the “2012 Hollywood Bowl” has been attracting a lot of attention for its “optical illusion” effects. On April 29, Narsha tweeted the photo with the message, “2012 Hollywood Bowl mc Son Ho Young, Narsha, it starts now.”

In the photo, Narsha is wearing a beige tone tube top dress with printing that almost looks like lingerie. She looks stunning in the beautiful dress, but netizens have made note of the “optical illusion” effects it had, calling it “Narsha’s lingerie dress.”

Netizens commented, “She looks amazing, but it’s funny in a weird way,” “Who designed that dress?” and “Another reason we call her ‘adult-idol.’”

How do you like her tube top dress?