Gavy NJ Releases Music Video for "Don’t Call"

2012-05-02 20:50:10 2012-05-02 20:50:11

Female vocal trio Gavy NJ has released the music video for their latest song “Don’t Call.” LE of rookie girl group EXID is also featured as a rapper in the song while Alex stars in the music video.

“Don’t Call” was released online today, May 3, in Korea. It is a song about getting is about getting over one’s feelings for an ex-boyfriend by saying “I thought it would hurt to the point of death but it’s actually not that bad.”

The song was created by Producer Min Myung-Ki, who also wrote Gavy NJ’s past hit songs “Sunflower, “A Cup of Latte,” and “I’ll Forget.” Gavy NJ member Noh Si-Hyun helped pen the lyrics.