Super Junior Choi Siwon "Please Do Not Hack My Account Again. Please"

2012-05-09 04:18:08 2014-05-07 17:35:21

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon left a warning to fans or whoever keeps hacking his account. On May 9 Choi Siwon wrote on his twitter, “Real love is when you understand the person and are caring. Love is not when you invade someone’s privacy and spy on them. Please do not hack my account again. Please.”

It looks like Choi Siwon is assuming that the hacker is a fan. On January 28, his twitter account was hacked. He wrote on January 28 in English, “Somebody hacked into my account. I know who you are. I will not tell anyone though. Please stop this. Please.”

Netizens that came across the news stated, “Choi Siwon is right. Love is not when you spy on someone and invade their privacy,” “Could it be sasaeng fans who have hacked into his twitter account?” and “I am worried about the kind of stress Siwon oppa is getting.”