IU’s Name Mentioned in Nature Magazine

2012-05-11 22:40:07 2012-05-11 15:40:07

IU’s name was mentioned in the world-renowned science magazine, “Nature.” On May 10, a screenshot of IU’s name on the Nature Magazine was posted on an online community under the title, “IU introduced on the Nature Magazine’s cover thesis.”

The writer of the post said, “I looked up the thesis after hearing IU was mentioned in it.” In the screenshot image, it clearly states IU’s name, as it says, “This instance of predefined nano-patterning is intended as an inscription of the letters “IU,” which together spell the name of a popular Korean singer.”

The thesis is written by Nam Koo Hyun, a research professor of Ewha Women’s University. It is considered one of the most groundbreaking research theses in the nanotech industry, and it was featured as the cover thesis of the May 10 episode of Nature.