Big Bang Reveals Seungri’s Teaser for “Still Alive”

2012-05-22 14:00:56 2012-05-22 14:00:57

On May 22, Big Bang revealed Seungri’s teaser for their special album, “Still Alive.” Just like G-Dragon’s teaser from the day before, Seungri’s teaser is only comprised of the outfits he is expected to wear for the new album’s promotion.

Today’s teaser is a follow up to G-Dragon’s teaser from yesterday. Unlike Seungri’s teaser, G-Dragon’s teaser photo only had dark outfits and a glove, matching G-Dragon’s chic image.

As reported previously, Big Bang is scheduled to release their new special edition album, “Still Alive,” on June 3. The album comes with nine tracks, five of which are new songs. The title track, “Monster,” is expected to come out with a blockbuster music video in collaboration with Hyundai Card. Stay tuned for more updates!