IU Sheds Tears While Reminiscing Trainee Days with SPICA’s Kim Boa

2012-05-23 15:20:45 2012-05-23 15:20:46

During the May 22 broadcast of SBSStrong Heart,” IU cried while reminiscing about her trainee days with SPICA’s Kim Boa.

Kim Boa started off by saying, “After a rehearsal for Inkigayo while I was walking down IU tapped my bottom.”

IU was asked why she did that, and she replied, “I don’t really cry much, and still haven’t cried when I received an award. However, when Kim Boa unni, who I spent very difficult trainee days with, had her debut, I cried. I was so proud of her, that is why I tapped her bottom.”

Then, IU stated, “It is so moving for me that I am now sitting next to Boa who I have spent trainee days, for such a signature SBS show as ‘Strong Heart.’” After she said that, IU broke into tears and she was joined by Kim Boa who cried as well.