Kang Sora for Beauty+

2012-05-31 14:48:38 2015-04-29 00:19:20

Actress Kang Sora presented a cool summer, pink make-up pictorial.

Recently, Kang Sora appeared as a cover model for the June issue of a beauty magazine. She expressed the upcoming summer season with pink make-up, which emphasized a fresh, girlish charm.

Through this cover shoot and the pictorial, Kang Sora showed her fashionable and cheerful charm, which we couldn’t see in her movie or drama.

Also, there’s a buzz saying that Kang Sora enjoyed the unique make-up and styling and she didn’t complain even when the photo shoot continued until late at night. After the photo shoot, in her interview with the beauty magazine, she talked about her life and revealed how to manage her skin and her body.

Meanwhile, Kang Sora’s pictorial and her honest and genuine interview can be found on June issue of SNS beauty magazine “Beauty+.”