Latest Trend in Kdramas: Time Warping!

2012-06-02 19:06:32 2012-10-04 11:08:42

Fantasy dramas have not just taken over America, but South Korea as well. In recent years, producers were in a craze for body-swapping dramas. Now, it appears that the drama industry is completely infatuated and absorbed with time-traveling series. Whether it’s because of the looming apocalypse (that disaster will strike the planet on December 21, 2012, killing all life on earth), 2012 has been the year for time-traveling dramas. Maybe people seek solace in the fact that mankind may quite possibly avoid total destruction by bending time and space, although I’ve personally never thought about it that way. Hah! Or it could be that producers realized that they could capture both older and younger audiences if they mash sageuk and contemporary pieces together, creating several rather comical scenes where the time-traveling hero/heroine tries to learn and adapt to the ways of the place he/she is currently in.