Which K-Pop Stars Are Most Fun to Follow Online?

2012-06-10 08:56:59 2012-06-10 13:30:24

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Last week, Korean media was quick to crown Lee Min Ho the most powerful online figure for surpassing 10 million online friends through his Facebook, Twitter, Me2Day, and China’s Weibo channels combined. With over 5 million Facebook “likes” and more than 4 million Weibo followers, as well as 660K Twitter followers and 230K Me2Day friends, Lee Min Ho now tops all Korean celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and athletes in terms of total number of online followers.

But does having the most number of “likes” and “followers” equate to being the most fun and active online? Not necessarily. Lee Min Ho’s Facebook page, for instance, gives constant updates on his activities, but there’s not much “life” in it as most of the photos and messages are uploaded by his agency. Fans do get to see his latest photo shoot or shout out video through these channels, but not many personal messages or selca shots that could help build a friendlier relationship with fans.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most active K-Pop stars on SNS channels who have used it to their advantage to create better communication channels with their fans. Their tweets or FB posts are not just limited to official photos or schedules – they are more personalized and fun! These celebrities may not necessarily have the most number of followers, but they are definitely some of the most popular figures online for giving fans a chance to get closer and feel more familiar with their favorite stars. Which K-Pop stars do you like the most online?

(Scroll through the list by clicking the numbers on the bottom of this article)