Jeon Ji Hyun: “I Feel Like I Have Lost Due to My Kiss with Kim Soo Hyun”

2012-06-12 07:14:45 2012-06-12 11:48:35

As we reported before, many were surprised at the kiss scene between Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun that was shown during a new trailer for the upcoming film “Thieves.” Jeon Ji Hyun spoke about the kiss scene during a “Thieves” press conference on June 12.

She stated, “It was good because I got to film a kiss scene with Kim Soo Hyun. Actually, it was the first time that I filmed a kiss scene during filming for a domestic movie. I was happy because my first kiss scene would be with a younger male and it was Kim Soo Hyun. Before the filming of the kiss scene I asked Kim Soo Hyun, ‘Is it your first time as well?’ He replied that he did, and for some reason it felt like I was losing something.” When asked to describe her role in the film, Jeon Ji Hyun jokingly replied, “I am responsible for the visuals of the film.”