On-Screen Couples Who Developed into Off-Screen Couples

2012-06-23 01:07:43 2012-10-04 11:01:08

Love is in the air! It’s been a crazy week in the entertainment industry with three on-screen couples officially announcing their off-screen relationship! After a local media broke the news about their secret date, “Queen In Hyun’s Man’sJi Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na officially announced their relationship. Yoo In Na confirmed on her radio show that “Ji Hyun Woo is no longer Queen In Hyun’s man but Yoo In Na’s man,” attracting oohs and awws from fans.

Two days later, two more on-screen couples, “If Tomorrow Comes’In Kyo Ji and Seo Woo and “My Daughter the Flower’sChoi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo, went public.

All these announcements about on-screen couples developing into off-screen couples have led us to research celebrity couples who have met while working together on dramas. Some of these lovebirds have ended up getting hitched, while others went their separate ways.

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