A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Gook Go on a Date – Another Celebrity Couple in the Making?

2012-06-26 04:36:46 2012-09-06 07:32:57

A Pink’s Eunji and Seo In Gook shared a photo of their recent dinner date, sparking rumors of another celebrity couple in the making.

On June 25, Seo In Gook tweeted, “A Pink’s Eunji bought me dinner. She said she wanted to buy it because I paid last time.. sob sob I’m so touched. I really enjoyed the meal.” In the accompanying photo, Seo In Gook shared a “proof shot” of their meal and a couple picture, showing how close their relationship is even off the camera.

Seo In Gook and Eunji appear as a couple on tvN drama, “Answer Me 1997.” Because of this, netizens are speculating if their on-screen romance has developed into off-screen love. There have been a number of such cases recently, including Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo (find out more celebrity couples that first met on set here), and fans are already jumping to conclusions based on this tweet.

Netizens commented, “I hope you two become a real couple,” “Another idol couple in the making?” and “Let’s not jump to conclusions.”