Official Girls’ Generations Stamps to Release in August

2012-07-03 01:40:38 2012-07-03 01:40:36

In August, stamps are going to be sold with Girls’ Generation on them! According to “Star Today” this is the first time that a celebrity is making a contract with the “Korea Post” to make stamps.

A representative of the Korea Post stated, “The ‘Girls’ Generation My Stamps’ are the first celebrity stamps to be made with the ‘Korea Post’ through a contract. We have used the Girls’ Generation as our models, who are the leading force for the global K-Pop fever and also are showing blinding activity.”

The stamps commemorate Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary. There are 9 “The Boys” stamps which have signatures by each member. There are also 5 other stamps that have the jacket image for “Gee” and “Oh!

On June 27, Girls’ Generation released their new Japanese single “PAPARAZZI.”