Wonder Girls Release Teaser for “Like Money”

Wonder Girls like money

After recently finishing up promotions for “Like This,” the Wonder Girls are already preparing to release their next single. Along with revealing a teaser image for their upcoming single “Like Money” today, they have now released their first teaser video.

While this short teaser doesn’t give us a sample of the song, we do see a futuristic concept through the computer styled styled text that comes up. An empty room is seen throughout the video as the words “FUTURE. NOW.” come up near the end. A release date of July 10 at 12:00 am KST is also revealed.

The lyrics for “Like Money” were written by “Cri$tyle” and composed by “RAINSTONE.” The choreography was created by Jonte Moaning, who also had created the choreography for “The DJ Is Mine” and “Be My Baby.”