Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Needs to Give a Selca Tutorial

2012-07-06 15:53:11 2012-07-06 15:53:10

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has sparked online interest lately after a collection of her selca photos were posted on an online community forum under the title, “Jessica makes me want to get a selca tutorial.”

The photos show Jessica in four different selca shots, which all seem to have been taken in consecutive order. Wearing a gray shirt, black hat, and bleached hair, Jessica looks just like an anime character. But more than anything, fans have been impressed by the exact “ulzzang” camera angle, and her picture-perfect facial expressions that she managed to show in varying degrees.

Netizens commented, “Jessica, you have to teach me too,” “I can’t seem to improve my selca shot angle,” and “She needs to go down just a little bit more.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation performed at the “K-Pop Nation Concert in Macao 2012” on July 2.