T-ara Sheds Tears As They Talk About Their Parents

2012-07-25 15:29:19 2012-07-25 15:29:18

Members of T-ara appeared on KBS “Yeo Yoo Man Man” on July 25 and talked about difficulties and distress of idol life. They seemed especially upset about not being able to spend enough time with their parents.

Hyomin started out the conversation in tears, “I was never lively and loving at home like I am on stage. I understand that my parents are waiting for me to return home and they want to ask me questions about my job and my days. But when I get home after a busy day, all I want to do is to rest. I feel like I talk to my parents less now that I live with them.”

Upon Hyomin’s confession, other members started to get emotional, too. Jiyeon agreed with Hyomin on being too tired to talk to her parents when home. She started to cry and commented, “I agree. I get tired of my parents asking me all kinds of questions when I get home. So I just tell them, ‘Don’t talk to me,’ and go straight into my bedroom and close the door.” Soyeon also teared up, “I’m like that, too. My mom has become so conscious about what she does or says to me. It breaks my heart to watch her like that.”