South Korean Films: How Do They Portray North Koreans? Part 2

2012-07-27 09:55:47 2012-07-27 10:13:02

Taegukgi “The Brotherhood of War”

The first time I watched this film was back in 2010 which was 6-7 years after the release and it was very entertaining! The story is about two brothers who become estranged because of the Korean War.

The two brothers are Lee Jin Tae (Portrayed by Jang Dong Gun) and Lee Jin Seok (Portrayed by Won Bin). In the midst of the war anti-Communists kill Lee Jin Tae’s fiancée. Also, Lee Jin Tae even ends up switching sides. Throughout the film, North Koreans are only shown as the enemy. While back in South Korea, the anti-communist movement is also shown to be ruthless.

Verdict: There really isn’t much room for in-depth North Korean characters as the main focus of the film is the story about the two brothers.