South Korean Films: How Do They Portray North Koreans? Part 2

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Secret Reunion

This film was quite interesting. An agent of Korean Intelligence Lee Han Gyoo (Portrayed by Song Kang Ho) gets discharged after a failing to prevent an assassination caused by North Korean sleeper assassins Song Ji Won (Portrayed by Kang Dong Won) and Jun Gook Hwan a.k.a “Shadow” (Portrayed by Jung Gook Hwan). Even though the assassination was successful, one of the sleeper agents betrayed the team. Song Ji Won is thought to have betrayed North Korea.

From the onset of the film, Song Ji Won is portrayed as a North Korean sleeper agent that is hesitant about killing young women and children. He even has a wife and son waiting for him back in North Korea. On the other hand, “The Shadow” is shown to be a ruthless killer.

Lee Han Gyoo and Song Ji Won end up having a strong bond that surpasses their previous animosity and political affiliations.

The most memorable scene of this film is when Lee Han Gyoo confesses to Song Ji Won that he knows he is from the North. Frightened Song Ji Won cuts him with a knife and demands to know why Lee Han Gyoo has lived with him, and when he is going to turn him to the police. Lee Han Gyoo says to forget that, to finish paying his respects to his parents, that they will continue their business and become successful and do good deeds in the future. Song Ji Won sheds tears of happiness.

Verdict: Once again we have a North Korean agent that is torn because of different motives. For Song Ji Won though, the most important aspect in his life seems to be his family.