14 Must See “Korean Mafia” Films That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

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Korean mafia is a staple of many Korean films. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the cause of love for organized crime is. In any culture organized crime is depicted as being “cool” and “macho” in many ways.

In the past, “Kim Doo Han” was a crime boss leader that actually did resist the Japanese annexation of South Korea, however his rise to power came after South Korea’s independence. “Kim Doo Han” and his story is constantly retold into different romanticized versions and he has become somewhat of a legend.

Often times the Korean Mafia is shown as being fiercely loyal, and there is a certain “culture” that is prevalent. (For example, having dragon tattoos, wearing suits, and speaking the Gyeongsang dialect) Most films have themes of friendship, loyalty, love, revenge, and betrayal.

Here are the must see 14 “Korean Mafia” films, enjoy the corruption!