SBS Inkigayo 08.05.12

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Today’s episode of Inkigayo featured comeback performances by Teen Top, Skull & HaHa and 4Men‘s Shin Youngjae.

New female duo Jevice had their debut performance of “I’ll Love” while rookie group D-Unit also had their debut performance with “I’m Missin You.” 2PM‘s  Jang Woo Young ends his solo promotions and had his goodbye stage for “Sexy Lady.

Teasers aired today showed upcoming duo Tasty, set to make their debut next week, and a comeback by Eru.

Comeback Special
Shin Youngjae – “All I Ever Think About Is You”
Skull & HaHa – “Busan Vacation” featuring One Way’s Chance
Teen Top – “Be Ma Girl”

Hot Music
BoA – “Only One”
PSY – “Gangnam Style”
BEAST – “Beautiful Night”
2NE1 – “I Love You”
Jang Wooyoung – “Sexy Lady” (Goodbye Stage)
SISTAR – “Loving U”
ZE:A – “Aftermath”
B.A.P – “No Mercy”
NS Yoonji – “I Got You”
Boy Friend – “Love Style”
GLAM – “Party (XXO)”
A-JAX – “Hot Game”
M.I.B – “Only Hard For Me”
December – “Unfinished”

Fresh Music
Jevice – “I’ll Love” featuring Girl’s Day’s Yura (debut stage)
Maeng Yuna – “Don’t Ask”
D-UNIT – “I’m Missin’ You” (debut stage)
NU’EST – “Not Over You”





Jang WooYoung


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Page 3: Boyfriend, GLAM, A-JAX, M.I.B, NU’EST, Shin Youngjae, D-Unit, December, Maeng Yuna, Jevice

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