Lee Min Jung Has Worn More Wedding Dresses than Anyone Can Count!

2012-08-20 12:09:05 2012-10-04 12:03:49

Will Lee Min Jung have her happy ending?

After months of denying dating and wedding rumors, actors Lee Byung Heon (43) and Lee Min Jung (31) have finally announced their romantic relationship.  Both posted handwritten statements on their official websites asking fans for their support. They also revealed that both families are aware of their growing love and have given their blessings, sparking speculation that wedding bells may be in the near future for the famous couple.

During an interview with MBC’sGood Day” earlier this morning, the actress confessed that she fears her wedding jinx. Lee Min Jung revealed, “I’ve worn a lot of wedding dresses, and I guess I’ll wear a real one eventually. However, there were so many instances where despite wearing the dress, I never went through with the wedding. I’m scared that might happen to me in reality as well.” In her past four dramas, “Big,” “Midas,” “Smile You,” and “Boys over Flowers,” her characters failed to go past the alter. In her latest drama, “Big,” Lee Min Jung’s Gil Daran managed to get married to her fiance’s body only to call it off when she realized she was in love with his younger brother, who was stuck in his body.

All this wedding talk has led us to research and put together all the photos of Lee Min Jung in the “most important dress a woman will ever wear,” and we were surprised to find so many from her past dramas, as well as photoshoots. Aside from multi-entertainer Eugene, Lee Min Jung is probably the next celebrity who had so many opportunities to don the “once in a lifetime” dress. Judging from all the photos she’s taken in them, it looks like she will know exactly what to wear and how to pose in a wedding dress when the time comes!

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