IU Looking Lovely in Latest Behind The Scenes Shoot

2012-09-07 09:53:13 2015-04-29 00:16:29

Make-up brand The Saem teamed up with IU to promote their newest product, “Harakeke Toner.” They have released their behind-the-scenes footage.

Even as the current model for The Saem, IU showed off her everyday cuteness and lovely self as well as innocence and feminine grace at the filming site.

The CF’s concept was to capture the essence of the high-quality and moist “Harakeke Toner” and the filming took place in a white modern interior. IU looked like she was shooting for a scene from the musical “Singing In The Rain” because she was tap dancing on the wet floor. The way she had to run on the water was lovely and brought smiles to the staff on site.

A representative of The Saem commented, “The server went down as soon as the advertisement was revealed online. It showed us just how great IU’s popularity is and it’s evident how effective her involvement was in the advertisement. There will be an event where participants can receive samples of “Harakeke Toner.”