[Ceci] “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” Actress Jo Yoon Hee Shows Being a Tomboy Brings the Boys Out

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Fashion magazine “Ceci” has chosen actress Jo Yoon Hee, who with long hair bears a startling resemblance to K-Pop’s sexy queen Lee Hyori, to model careless tomboy looks for this fall with her amazingly clear skin and pretty eyes. 

 Recently, actress Jo Yoon Hee has become thought of as a hot style icon for her style transformation due to her role as the middle sister of three named Bang Yi Sook in the wildly popular KBS weekend drama “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly.”  In the drama, Bang Yi Sook was born on the day her older brother, Bang Gwi Nam, was lost and, becoming lost in the ensuing scramble of the family to pick up the pieces of their lives, she simply became self-sufficient and independent.  As a result, her style on the drama is composed of jeans, sneakers, and button-downs, or other utilitarian articles of clothing.  In particular, she cuts her hair very short in keeping with her character’s desire to be self-sufficient and not worry about her vanity.  

Getting rid of her long hair was the biggest transformation the pretty actress had undergone for a role.  The so-called bowl cut is a simple short cut that follows the shape of one’s head.  A short cut brings the shape of one’s face to the forefront and allows one’s facial features to stand out as opposed to fading into the overall appearance.         

Jo Yoon Hee: “I had an uncommon attachment to my long black hair.  In this drama, I had no choice but to cut my hair for the character, but after cutting it all off, I think it really brings out my face’s good points.  I changed my image to a bright and cute image, for the innocent character.”     


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