SBS Inkigayo Performances 09.09.12

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On this week’s episode of Inkigayo, T-ara had their comeback special and performed “Sexy Love.” There were also debut performances today by new girl group Nep and new boy group 24K.

Next week will be an amazing week of comeback stages with new music by G-Dragon, Secret, FT Island, Orange Caramel and BtoB. Check out all the teasers on the last page.

Comeback Special
T-ara – ” Sexy Love “
Hot Music
Kara- “Pandora”
B.A.P – “Crash”
FIESTAR – “Vista”
Tasty- “You Know Me”
Phantom – “Burning”
VIXX – “Rock Ur Body”
Eru – “I Hate You” featuring Simon”
AOA – “Elvis”
C-Clown – “Solo”
J-Min – “Stand Up”
Rumble Fish – “Don’t Be Like That”
Two X – “Double Up”
December – “She’s gone”
Solbi – “Ottogi”
EXID- “I Feel Good”
Skarf- “Oh Dance”
Fresh Music
Crispi Crunch – “Men Bong Time (feat.SORA)”
Nep – “DoRaDoRa”
EvoL – “We Are A Bit Different”
24K – “Hurry Up”