MBLAQ’s G.O’s Explains About His Not Quite 20 Room House

2012-09-13 13:04:00 2012-09-13 13:03:56

It’s been revealed that MBLAQ’s G.O will discuss about his family background and his family’s affluence.

His story will be covered on MBC’s variety/reality show “Idol Manager.” For this episode, friends of MBLAQ have been invited to come visit their dorm rooms and have a great time.

During the filming, G.O’s friends were asked whether the news was true about G.O’s 20-room house and if they have visited his place. His friends mentioned it wasn’t exaggerated that much.

G.O explained, “It doesn’t have 20 rooms, but it’s a 3 story house. There are 5 rooms on the 1st floor, but we don’t use the 1st floor because the house is big. We rent it out.”  

MBLAQ’s friends are a varied group with a trainee soon preparing to debut as a singer, a singer-songwriter, a friend who grew up under a general, an acting trainee, and a college student.

Don’t miss out on the friends’ childhood and behind-the-scenes stories about the MBLAQ members. This episode will air on September 14 at 6pm.