SBS Inkigayo 09.23.12

2012-09-23 07:59:36 2012-09-23 08:05:30

This week’s episode of Inkigayo featured a lot of new music once again.

One of the big highlights for the night was G-Dragon‘s performance of “That XX” featuring popular guitarist Sungha Jung.

There was also a lot of new music this week. U-KISS made their comeback with “Stop Girl” from their seventh mini album, while Mighty Mouth came back with their new song “At Times Like This.” Boy group ChAOS and girl groups SPICA, RaNia and She’z also had comeback stages with their new releases . New boy group 100% had their Inkigayo debut stage with “Bad Boy.”

Performances today by: G-Dragon, Kara, T-ara, FT Island, Orange Caramel, U-KISS, Tasty, 100%, FIESTAR, SPICA, Mighty Mouth, RaNia, BTOB, Rumble Fish, Andamiro , OFFROAD, She’z, ChAOS





FT Island

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