Girls’ Generation member Jessica Glows as the Face of Makeup Brand Banila Co.

2012-09-25 05:56:02 2015-04-29 00:15:47

Photographs featuring Girls’ Generation member Jessica as the face of makeup brand Banila Co. have been released. 

Though Girls’ Generation member Jessica has long been known as the ice princess, the idol member glowed with a chic charm and a feminine air in the photographs.  The staff at the photo shoot was impressed by Jessica’s ability to show fresh expressions and diverse charms throughout the shoot.  Staff members were also impressed that throughout the long shoot, Jessica was able to enjoy herself and show a bright expression. 

A brand representative commented: “Banila Co. chose Jessica as a model because Jessica has a boldly charming image that matches with contemporary makeup brand Banila Co.  The combination of global makeup brand Banila Co. and hallyu hot star Jessica will produce a great synergy in the future.”