YGE’s Sean Shows Off His Youngest Daughter

2012-09-29 05:27:23 2012-09-29 05:27:15

Jinusean’s Sean, more known for his beautiful marriage with actress Jung Hye Young, is showing the world his endearing love for his precious daughter.

On September 28, he posted a picture on his twitter and left a loving caption:

Ha-el, overseas when they call attendance, they answer ‘present,’ as in ‘Yes, I am here.’ Me being here now is a gift a present to the world. I’ll pray that your presence wherever you go is a gift to someone, Ha-el. When someone calls your name say ‘present’ The gift is here!^^”

The picture shows how quickly Ha-el has grown. Her features are becoming more pronounced and her eyes now resemble her gorgeous mother.

Netizens who had the chance to see the picture commented, “She has a great father,” “Ha-el looks beautiful like her mother, “It would be great if she could grow up just like this.”

Soompiers, who are some other celebrity couple babies do you want to see?