SBS Inkigayo 09.30.12

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Today’s episode of Inkigayo featured the debut performance of new girl group 84LY.

Next week will have comeback performances by DBSK and Ga In. New JYP female duo 15& will also be making their debut. Check out their teasers on page 3!

Hot Music
G-Dragon- “Crayon”
Kara- “Pandora”
Secret – “Poison”
T-ara – “Sexy Love”
FT Island – “I Wish”
Orange Caramel – “Lipstick”
ZE:A – “Phoenix”
B.A.P – “Crash”
U-KISS – “Stop Girl”
RaNia- “Style”
Mighty Mouth – “이럴 때면 (feat.린)”
SPICA – “I`ll Be There”
Baek Ahyeon – “Sad Song”
VIXX – “Rock Ur Body”
Two X – “Double Up”
Offroad – “Be Bop”
Fresh Music
Navi – “Don’t Go”
84LY – “Girl Talk”





FT Island

Performances by Orange Caramel, ZE:A, B.A.P, BTOB, 100%, U-KISS,RaNia, Mighty Mouth, SPICA, FIESTAR, Baek Ahyeon, VIXX, Navi, 84LY, Two X on Page 2!

Teasers for DBSK, 15& and Ga In on Page 3!