SBS Inkigayo 09.30.12

Today’s episode of Inkigayo featured the debut performance of new girl group 84LY.

Next week will have comeback performances by DBSK and Ga In. New JYP female duo 15& will also be making their debut. Check out their teasers on page 3!

Hot Music
G-Dragon- “Crayon”
Kara- “Pandora”
Secret – “Poison”
T-ara – “Sexy Love”
FT Island – “I Wish”
Orange Caramel – “Lipstick”
ZE:A – “Phoenix”
B.A.P – “Crash”
U-KISS – “Stop Girl”
RaNia- “Style”
Mighty Mouth – “이럴 때면 (feat.린)”
SPICA – “I`ll Be There”
Baek Ahyeon – “Sad Song”
VIXX – “Rock Ur Body”
Two X – “Double Up”
Offroad – “Be Bop”
Fresh Music
Navi – “Don’t Go”
84LY – “Girl Talk”





FT Island

Performances by Orange Caramel, ZE:A, B.A.P, BTOB, 100%, U-KISS,RaNia, Mighty Mouth, SPICA, FIESTAR, Baek Ahyeon, VIXX, Navi, 84LY, Two X on Page 2!

Teasers for DBSK, 15& and Ga In on Page 3!