SISTAR member Bora Shows Her Love For Puppies

2012-10-05 10:48:26 2012-10-05 10:48:23

On October 3, SISTAR member Bora posted the photograph of herself and the dog on SISTAR’s official Twitter account with the following words: “Aigoo. Beautiful Sky.  These days, whenever I go to Daebu Island, cute puppies welcome me.”  The SISTAR member also tweeted: “Photo with the puppies too~~!! White siblings kkkk oohjjoojjoo <3.” 

In the first photograph, Bora holds a dog named Sky and gently pets Sky’s head.  In the second photograph, Bora cradles two puppies in her arms. 

Netizens who saw the photographs commented: “Bora’s smiling face is so pretty,” “Bora has such a pretty smile,” “Bora is so cute with Sky,” “Puppies have poses too,” “Bora looks so lovely and lady-like.”