MBC Music Core Performances 10.06.12

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Today’s episode of Music Core featured comeback performances by DBSK and Brown Eyed GirlsGa In.

BOB4 had a special performance of “YouaHolic” today featuring the instrumentals of Miji.

You can watch the full show here, officially uploaded by MBC. (The beginning of the show starts at 13:45 in)


Comeback Stage
DBSK- “I Don’t Know” & “Catch Me”
Ga-in – “Bloom”
Lee Seokhoon – “좋으니까”  

Special Stage
BOB4 – “YouaHolic”
Good-bye Stage
Mighty Mouth (feat. Jevice’s Joori) – “At These Times”
Hot Stage
SECRET – “Poison”
FT Island – “I Wish”
Orange Caramel – “Lipstick”
Rania – “Style”
100% – “Bad Boy”
ChAOS – “Kiss Kiss”
OFFROAD – “Be bop”
She’z – “UU”
New Song
BIGSTAR – “생각 나”
Navi – “Don’t Go”
Mr.Mr – “Who’s That Girl”
24K – “Hurry Up”
SKARF – “My Love”  



FT Island

Ga In

Orange Caramel

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