Soompi’s Ultimate Lookbook: Girls’ Generation Jessica

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Soompi’s Ultimate Lookbook is a compilation of the best photo shoots and photographs of your favorite K-Pop stars. 

This edition features SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation member Jessica

This lookbook includes: September 2012 “W Korea” photo shoot, June 2012 “Vogue Girl” photo shoot (with Tiffany), June 2012 “Marie Claire” photo shoot (with Krystal), June 2012 “Elle Girl” photo shoot, March 2012 “Dazed & Confused” photo shoot, April 2012 “@Star1” photo shoot, October 2011 “Ceci” photo shoot, December 2011 “1st Look” photo shoot, October 2011, “W Korea” photo shoot, September 2011 “Marie Claire” photo shoot, February 2011 “Singles” photo shoot, and SM Entertainment promotional images from 2011 single “Mr. Taxi” (from 2011 full-length album “The Boys”), 2011 single “The Boys” (from 2011 full-length album “The Boys”), 2010 single “Hoot” (from 2010 mini album “Hoot”), 2010 single “Run Devil Run” (from 2010 full-length album “Oh!”), 2010 single “Oh!” (from 2010 full-length album “Oh!”), 2009 single “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” (from 2009 mini album “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”), 2009 single “Gee” (from 2009 mini album “Gee”), 2007 debut full-length album “Girls’ Generation,” and Jessica’s very first Girls’ Generation teaser shots. 

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Now, on with the pictures!!  

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