Soompi’s Top 10 Classic K-Pop Autumn Songs

2012-10-09 04:33:27 2012-10-09 07:23:10

 We have previously celebrated the end of summer with our very own “Top 10” summer tracklist. A little belated, but it’s now time to usher in the shorter days and colder nights cuddling up in our warm, cozy blankets near the fireplace with none other than songs fit for the season. Add cinnamon spice to that.

There will be some artists you might be familiar with, but I want to bet that there’s at least a few artists and songs on the list you have yet to hear! There were many fantastic singers and songs so it was very hard cutting it down to 10. A personal confession, but I was addicted to all of the songs here and played them nonstop when they first came out. I’m sure some of the songs will be sweet to your ears.

Click through the numbers below to hear all the awesomely sweet slow songs!