Happy Birthday Krystal! + 18 Pictures to Celebrate Her 18th

2012-10-24 09:53:49 2012-10-24 09:57:44

Amber has previously shared a hilarious meme to celebrate her wonderful teammate’s birthday. Krystal also gave a special gift to the fans by uploading one of her childhood pictures. She also left a message on her me2day, “To the people who congratulated me on my birthday, thank you~~~ Everyone thinks I’m 20 now.. but I was just 17 this past year.. I want time to stop right now.. ^^”

To celebrate Krystal’s 18th birthday, I got to look through and collect various pictures of the the birthday girl from her different song concepts. Take a look through the pictures by clicking on the numbers on the bottom to see how much Krystal has grown! Or if you just became a recent fan, to see her past pictures!

Starting off with her childhood photo.