[Ceci] K-Pop Stars: Where Do You Have to Go to Meet Them?! Part 2

2012-10-26 10:46:02 2012-10-26 10:46:01

Gone are the days when fans used to wait endless in front of agencies to get a glimpse of their favorite fans. If you want a higher chance of meeting your favorite stars, why not drop by their hair salons, gyms, and more! “CeCi” magazine has put together a list of the places celebs go to get their hair, makeup, physique, and more! If you happen to be in Korea, why not drop by some of these places to get celebrity treatment and meet up with the stars!

For male idols, one of the easiest places to “run” into them would be their gym. For female idols, it would be none other than their nail salons! 

Click through the gallery to see where you can catch up with 2PM , SHINee, Kim Hyung Joong, Girls’ Generation, and more!!!!

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