MBC Music Core 10.27.12

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Music Core featured many comeback stages this week and two notable goodbye stages.

4Minute‘s Hyuna made her solo comeback performance with “Green Apple” and title track “Ice Cream.” Despite starting their comeback promotions last weekend on the other music shows, miss A and Ailee had their Music Core comeback stage today.  More new music was performed by B.A.P and Girl’s Day.

With a lot of new music coming out, we also must say goodbye to a few songs. Ga In finishes up promotions for “Bloom” this week while Orange Caramel does the same with “Lipstick.”

Comeback Stage
miss A – “If I were a boy” & “I Don’t Need A Man”
Hyuna – “Green Apple” & “Ice Cream”
Ailee – “I Will Show You”

Special Stage
AOA(feat. MIJI) – “Get Out”

Good-bye Stage
Gain – “Bloom”
Orange Caramel – “Lipstick”

Hot stage
TVXQ – “Catch me”
K.will – “Please DOn’t”
100% – “Bad Boy”
Chunja(feat. 남대표,덩치) – “Tonight”
She’z – “UU”
OFFROAD – “Be bop”
Mr.Mr – “Who’s that girl”
New Song
B.A.P – “Stop It”
Girl’s Day – “Don’t Forget Me”
Yuri(feat.숀리) – “U Can Do It”


miss A



Ga In

 Performances on page 2 by B.A.P, Ailee, Orange Caramel, 100%, AOA feat. Miji, Offroad, Chunja, Girl’s Day, Mr. Mr., She’z, Yuri feat.