Shin Min Ah Shows Off the Fall Trend in @star1

2012-11-01 17:50:59 2012-11-01 17:52:10

The envy of all women, actress Shin Min Ah‘s full pictorial for the fashion magazine, @star1 has been released!

Earlier, we reported on a slight preview of this pictorial where Shin Min Ah talked about the secret behind her baby face and her too-good-to-be-true body line. She also talked about her most recently completed drama series, “Arang And The Magistrate.”

Shin Min Ah is famous to be one of the least photoshop-requiring actress/model in the industry. Although she is sporting loosely fitting clothes in many of the photos, one can still see that her long and curvy body line is to die for.

Shin Min Ah shows off some of this fall’s trendiest styles such as a red and black striped poncho, a baby pink mermaid skirt, a gray knit with a funky print, an unbalanced long black skirt, a pleated mini dress and more. Her strong eyes and her natural poses gave her a sexy and cool edge.

This pictorial was taken for the November edition of @star1. Click through the pages to see the rest of the photo shoot!