MBLAQ’s Lee Joon And Yeon Seo Are Titanic’s Jack and Rose

2012-11-04 09:10:47 2012-11-04 09:10:46

On the MBC show “We Got Married” that was televised on October 3, the couple of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Yeon Seo had a romantic day going out to the sea on a boat and enjoying their first trip.

Yeon Seo excitedly said, “This is my first time riding on a boat,” to which Lee Joon answered, “Just trust me and follow me,” and took Yeon Seo’s hands to take the first steps on the boat. 

After a few minutes, Yeon Seo told her husband that she wanted to do something, and both made a parody scene of the Titanic. Though Lee Joon said that it was “cheesy,” he happily went along giving a tight hug to his wife. Lee Joon then joked, “Now, let’s jump!”