MBC Music Core 11.10.12

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Today’s episode of Music Core featured special hosts miss A‘s Min and Suzy along with B.A.P‘s Daehyun. The regular hosts Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun are currently in the US with the rest of Girls’ Generation for a concert this weekend.

Lots of new music was featured today. Boyfriend had the biggest comeback of the night and performed “Janus.” While NS Yoon-G had most of her comeback stages last week, she had her first Music Core performance of “If You Love Me” tonight and featured Dalmatian‘s Simon. Cube Entertainment‘s new solist Noh Jihoon also had his debut stage.

More new music this week as by ballad group Noel, veteran soloist BYUL, and idol groups FIESTARSMASH, A-Prince and Crayon Pop.

Next week will feature the comeback performance of Son Dambi. Check out her teaser at the bottom of page 2.

Comeback Stage
Boyfriend – Intro + “Janus”
NS Yoon-G (feat. Dalmatian’s Simon) – “If You Love Me”
Noel – “Things I Couldn’t Say”
Byul – “Bad”
HOT Debut
Noh Jihoon – “Punishment”
Special Stage
She’z (feat. MIJI) – “UU”
HOT Stage
miss A – “I Don’t Need A Man”
Hyuna – “Ice Cream”
B.A.P – “Stop It”
Jewelry – “Look At Me”
Volume UP Stage
100% – “Bad Boy”
AOA – “Get Out”
BIGSTAR – “Think”
Crazyno – “MUSICHE”
New Song
SMASH – “I’ll Protect”
FIESTAR – “We Don’t Stop”
A-Prince – “Hello”
Crayon Pop – “Dancing Queen”

miss A




More performances on page 2 by Jewelry, Noel, Noh Jihoon, Byul, 100%, AOA, NS Yoon-G, BISTAR, She’z, FIESTAR, A-Prince, Crazyno, SMASH, Crayon Pop