Lee Hyori’s Bare Face Puts Female Idols to Shame

2012-11-14 12:22:29 2012-11-14 12:23:08

Are you surprised? Lee Hyori looks beautiful without any make up.

On November 13, the singer sent the bare faced pictures to designer Yoni P via Twitter with the caption, “Finished~~.” The designer tweeted back, “I’m impressed! Really pretty! When I give it to my mom she will turn into a fashionista! Thanks so much!”

In the pictures Lee Hyori shows off a knitted mint colored beanie. In one picture she is smiling brightly, not at all hiding her bare face. It seems that she knitted the beanie as a gift for the designer.

Netizens were very impressed. “Lee Hyori’s no makeup face is also perfect”, “Lee Hyori’s half-moon eyes are charming”, “Her thoughtfulness to make someone a hat is also beautiful”, and “Her innocent beauty makes the girl groups cry” were some of the comments.