[Spoiler] Song Joong Ki Says He Is Happy With the Ending in “Nice Guy”

2012-11-16 22:03:45 2012-11-16 22:03:40

In the latest press conference for “Nice Guy“, Song Joong Ki expressed content with the ending of “Nice Guy”, “At first I thought they were going to keep it open between a sad and happy ending until the end of the series, but because they seemed to favor a happy ending, so I felt the conclusion fit perfectly. If this had been a movie, a sad ending might also have been appropriate- but when the staff discussed what kind of ending they wanted to give the viewers, they all agreed a happy ending would please viewers seeing as how dramas are fashioned to keep viewers interested and happy. The final scene was shot in TongYeong, Dongpirang. It was a bit strange filming there. My stomach was in knots.”

Song Joong Ki also went on to express his attachment to his character Maru, “Among the characters I have been assigned so far, I think I have grown the strongest attachment to my character Maru. I tried my best to see the world through the eyes of sincere Maru. Men have this tendency of not forgetting their first love, so I was able to emote what he was going through. Although, when I was scheduled to film “Wolf Boy” in the middle of filming for “Nice Guy” it was a bit jarring to come back into character.”

He went on to say that his acting experience with “Nice Guy” transformed his acting style significantly, “When I walk into a scene being filmed, I do my best not to mess up and deliver what is expected of me in order to complete the scene. Once the Director calls a ‘Cut” I make it my thing to get out of character. This time, I wanted to really show everyone what I could do as Maru. I worried a lot beforehand about whether I would be even able to digest the character’s role properly, but ultimately immersing myself in my character I think helped create a better overall drama. I recall being choked up after many scenes because of how deeply I was in character.”