Son Dam Bi’s Last Romance Was Two Years Ago

2012-11-22 01:58:56 2012-11-22 01:58:54

In an interview for Joong Ang Newspaper, Son Dam Bi confessed that the last time she dated was two years ago.

“The relationship didn’t last long and I didn’t have any chance to date someone else,” Son Dam Bi said.

Son Dam Bi’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, is known to have a strict dating policy. When the reporter asked if the singer was restricted to be in a relationship, Son Dam Bi answered, “No, the policy was long gone. I don’t usually hang out in places where most celebrities go. Maybe that is why people think I am under restriction. I like hanging around at places like Dongdaemoon Shopping Center or privately with my close friends.”

Son Dam Bi continued, “One day I felt really lonely and twitted, ‘I am so lonely.’ A male fan replied to the post quickly, ‘How about me?’ The reply made me happy because I realized that I wasn’t  alone. I had my fans around me.”