6 Rising Stars to Look Out for in 2013

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Noh Young Hak

Noh Young Hak is being called the “child Choi Soo Jong.” He has appeared in a 10 sageuk (historical) dramas, playing the role of a king, three times and the role of a beggar, two times. This is why he received the nickname, since Choi Soo Jong is a sageuk veteran.

Born in 1993, Noh Young Hak debuted in 2006 in the children’s drama, “Hwarang Corps Maru.” However, before his official debut, Noh Young Hak has been polishing and building up his acting skills by taking on various supporting roles. Therefore, when watching Noh Young Hak, viewers can’t find that awkwardness that many child actors have. He was loved for his soft and nice image in many of the dramas but viewers were also delighted with his many different faces in dramas such as “The City of Violence,” “Gae Baek,” “The King’s Dream,” and “The Great Seer.” Since he will be turning 20 years old in 2013, viewers are anticipating his start as an adult actor in future projects.