SBS Inkigayo Performances 12.02.12

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This week’s episode of Inkigayo featured the solo debut performance of BEAST‘s Yoseob. He performed “Caffeine,” the title track of his first mini album.

Rookie boy group BIGSTAR also made their comeback today with their latest song “I Got Ya” while new girl group SPICA came back with “Lonely.”

Girl group Secret also revealed their comeback teaser today. Check it out on page 3!

Comeback Special
Yang Yoseob (BEAST) – “Caffeine”
BIGSTAR – “I Got Ya”

Hot Music
E2RE – “Deep Night Sad Song”
NS Yoon-G – “If You Love Me”
A-JAX – “2MYX”
Dal Shabet – “Have, Don’t Have”
Juniel – “Bad Person”
FIESTAR – “We Don’t Stop”
Boyfriend – “JANUS”
Kim Sungkyu (Infinite) – “60 Seconds”
Kim Jong Kook – “Men Are All Like That”
B1A4 – “Tried To Walk”
Lee Hi – “1,2,3,4”
Son Dambi – “Dripping Tears”
Epik High – “Don’t Hate Me”
TVXQ – “Humanoids”

Fresh Music
SPICA – “Lonely”


Epik High


Son Dambi

Lee Hi

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