JYJ’s Agency Sued Over 20 Netizens For Malicious Comments

2012-12-03 19:56:01 2012-12-03 19:56:39

JYJ‘s agency has sent warning messages toward netizens who posted harsh comments and spread false rumors about JYJ on the Internet.

On December 3, C-JeS Entertainment made a post on their official website with the title, “A Warning Regarding False Information Circulation and Defamation And Its Legal Consequences.”

The post read, “We strictly warn all netizens who have been posting false information and malicious posts about JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu),” and “If any of our C-JeS artists find damage in those malicious and defaming posts that contain false information, we will report them to the cyber police and take legal action.”

It continued, “We have already filed successful lawsuits against over 20 netizens this year alone, which caused them to meet legal consequences. For minors, parents were notified and they were required to sign memorandums.”

Finally, the post read, “We have recently sued many netizens once again for making slanderous posts on DC Inside, which hurt JYJ and the fans who love JYJ. If those kinds of posts continue to be made, we will report them to the cyber police and take legal action.”

Meanwhile, the long legal battle between JYJ and SM has recently been settled.