SBS Inkigayo 12.09.12

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SBS Inkigayo celebrated their 700th episode tonight! In celebrating this milestone, today’s MCs IU, BEAST‘s Lee Kikwang, and CN BLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa had a special performance of “Winter Child.”

Comeback performances today were by Secret, Nell, 100%, Ailee and The Seeya.

Next week’s show will feature comeback performances by Sunny Hill and Jiyoung’s (Kara) solo stage.

Special stage
IU, Lee Kikwang, and Jung Yonghwa  – “Winter Child”

Comeback Special
Secret  – “Talk That”
Nell  – “White Night”

Hot Music
SMASH  – “I’ll Protect”
BIGSTAR  – “I Got Ya”
Juniel  – “Bad Person”
A-JAX  – “2MYX”
Boyfriend  – “JANUS”
Kim Jongkook  – “Men Are All Like That”
Kim Sungkyu  – “60 Seconds”
Lee Hi  – “1,2,3,4”
Son Dambi  – “Dripping Tears”
Yang Yoseob of BEAST  – “Caffeine”
Epik High  – “Don’t Hate Me”
TVXQ  – “Humanoids”

Fresh Music
Ailee  – “Evening Sky”
100%  – “나 같은 놈”
THE SEEYA  – “Poison (feat. Haeri)”


Epik High



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