MBC Music Core 12.15.12

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This week’s episode of Music Core featured comeback stages by Sunny Hill and their new ballad track “Goodbye To Romance” and veteran band Nell‘s White Night.”

Kara‘s Han Seungyeon performed “Guilty” and becomes the first member of the group to promote her solo track from the group’s solo collection album.

Since Music Core was in Vietnam last weekend, Ailee, 100% and The Seeya also had their first performances of their new songs today.

Comeback Stage
Nell – “White Night”
Sunny Hill – “Goodbye To Romance”

First Solo Debut
Han Seungyeon – “Guilty”

HOT Stage
TVXQ – “Humanoids”
Yang Yoseob – “Caffeine”
Son Dambi – “Dripping Tears”
B1A4 – “Tried To Walk”
Boyfriend – “Janus”

Volume UP Stage
Dal Shabet – “Have, Don’t Have”
Girl’s Day – “Don’t Forget Me”
Noh Jihoon – “Punishment”
SMASH – “I’ll Protect”

Baek Seungheon – “Til The Sun Rises”
SPICA – “Lonely”
C-CLOWN – “Far Away Young Love”
D-UNIT – “Luv Me”

New Songs
Ailee – “Evening Sky”
100% – “Guy Like Me”
The SeeYa (feat. Davichi’s Haeri) – “Poison”


Han Seungyeon


Son Dam Bi


Performances on page 2 by Boyfriend, Dal Shabet, Nell, Ailee, 100%, Sunny Hill, Noh Ji Hoon, Girl’s Day, The Seeya, Baek Seungheon, Spica, SMASH, C-Clown, D-Unit