2012 MBC Gayo Daejun Performances

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With the 2012 MBC Gayo Daejun as the last music show of the year, all the biggest names in K-Pop came together for a night of amazing performances.

Hosted by  Lee Huijae, Lee Joon, Boom, and Seohyun, the program featured an exciting team format. All performers were divided into two teams and went against a similar opponent.  

In the beginning of the second part, all the artists came on stage to ring in the new year together!

(Blue Team) vs. (White Team)
Part 1:
SHINee & f(x) vs. B.A.P & Secret
Ailee vs. Roh Jihoon
A Pink, BIGSTAR vs.  Girl’s Day, 100%
Special Stage: DJ Boom’s “Party Tonight”- Teen Top, Kara, K.Will,
Dal Shabet vs. A-JAX
Ga-In vs. Son Dam Bi
Epik High vs. MBLAQ
T-ara vs. Secret
B1A4 vs. Infinite
Cool vs. Koyote
Jo Kwon & Gain vs. Kwanghee & Sunhwa
f(x) vs. After School
CNBLUE & FT Island vs. Dynamic Duo & Primary

Part 2
Special Stage: Park Myungsoo, Ailee & Crazyno
New Year Countdown by all artists!
2Ne1 & Lee Hi vs Big Bang
Teen Top vs. B.A.P
2AM vs. K.Will
miss A vs. 4minute
Special Stage: JYP
SISTAR vs Kara
Special Stage: PSY
Super Junior vs. DBSK


SHINee & f(x)

B.A.P & Secret

Ailee – “I Will Show You”

Roh Jihoon – “Punishment”

A Pink – “Hush”

Girl’s Day – “Don’t Forget Me”

BIGSTAR – “I Got The Feeling”

100% – “Bad Boy”

DJ Boom’s “Party Tonight”- Teen Top, Kara, K.Will,

Dal Shabet – “Have, Don’t Have”

A-JAX – “2MYX”

Ga-In – “Bloom”

Son Dam Bi – “Crazy” and “Dripping Tears”

BTOB – “Wow”


Epik High – “Don’t Hate Me” and “Up” feat. Park Bom

MBLAQ – “It’s War”

T-ara – “Sexy Love” and “Lovey Dovey” remixes

Secret – “Talk That”

B1A4 – “Baby Goodnight” and “Tried To Walk”

Infinite – “Without You” , “60 Seconds”, “The Chaser”

Cool – “Before Sadness Comes”


Jo Kwon & Gain – “Confessing My Love” and “We Fell in Love”

Kwanghee & Sunhwa – “I Have A Girlfriend” and “Why Do You”

f(x)- “Electric Shock”

After School – “Flashback”

CNBLUE & FT Island & Juniel – “Hey You” and “I Wish”

Dynamic Duo & Primary – “?” and “Ring My Bell”

Check out part 2 on page 2! Watch all the artists ring in the new year! More performances by 2Ne1, Lee Hi, Big Bang, Teen Top, B.A.P
2AM, K.Will, miss A, 4minute, JYP, SISTAR, Kara, SHINee, BEAST, PSY, Super Junior, DBSK