Infinite H Releases Teaser of New Wild Music Video “Fly High”

2013-01-07 01:54:15 2013-01-07 01:54:13

Infinite members, Hoya and Dongwoo, teamed up to form a new a new hip-hop subgroup called “Infinite H.”

On January 7, Infinite H’s brand new teaser video, “Fly High,” was released revealing their new concept on Woollim Entertainment‘s official blog.

We get a glimpse of the wild theme of the music video with images of a sexy car, alcohol, bold guys, flashy jewelry and a human skull.  A lot of the video seems to be in black and white but there are also scenes that feature strong colors.

The video opens with a red human heart graffiti on the wall, then timed to the strong music beat, changes to a scene with the two guys sitting in a sexy green car.  In some of the later scenes, we see Hoya and Dongwoo confidently posing wearing flashy suits draped with bling-bling jewelry and accessories. 

“Infinite H” will release their highly anticipated album, “Fly High” on January 11.  The day before the album launch, the will hold a showcase at the “Uniqlo AX.”