Mnet M! Countdown – January 17, 2012

2013-01-17 20:50:31 2014-05-20 00:20:45

Today’s M!Countdown had comebacks from hot rookies VIXX and former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun

SPEED finally had their long awaited debut and also debuting tonight was the 4Minute sub-unit 2Yoon with their country-pop inspired “24/7”.

Winner tonight was Girl’s Generation with “I got a boy”. Congratulations girls!

Next week we have more to look forward to as Nine Muses makes their comeback!


SNSD “I got a boy”

Baek Ji Young “Hate”

Infinite H “Special Girl”

2Yoon “Why not?” and “24/7”

Jea “While you’re sleeping”

Dickpunks (Special Stage) 

Moon Hee Jun “Pioneer” and “I’m not ok”

SPEED “That’s my fault” and “It’s over”

VIXX “On and on”

HelloVenus “What are U doing today?”

Glam “I like that”

Boyfriend “I-Yah”

vid credit: Simhy6 @yt